Blood and Fluid Biobank

About the project

The Gastrointestinal and Pancreatic Oncology Biobank promotes the collection of biological samples (blood, serum, DNA) of individuals suffering from or at risk of gastrointestinal or pancreatic cancer.

Principal researcher

Antoni Castells

Dr. Antoni Castells, head of the Gastroenterology Department of Hospital Clínic, Barcelona


Collection points

  • Hospital Clínic, Barcelona

Collaborating Institutions

  • CIBER on Hepatic and Digestive Diseases (CIBERehd) CIBER de Enfermedades Hepáticas y digestivas
  • Clínica d'Alt Risc de Càncer Colorectal (CAR) Clínica d'Alt Risc de Càncer Colorectal (CAR)

Available samples

Gastrointestinal and Pancreatic Oncology Patients with colorectal cancer Serum 320
Plasma 320
DNA 320
Patients with an intermediate risk of colorectal cancer Serum 1800
Plasma 1800
DNA 1800
Patients with a high risk of colorectal cancer Serum 180
Plasma 180
DNA 180
Lymphocytes 180
Family members at risk of colorectal cancer Serum 360
Plasma 360
DNA 360
Patients with pancreatic cancer Serum 200
Plasma 200
DNA 200
Lymphocytes 200
Erythrocytes 200
Patients with pre-neoplastic pancreatic lesions Serum 90
Plasma 90
DNA 90
Lymphocytes 90

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