Tumour Biobank and Anatomical Pathologies Collections

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Tumour Biobank

Frozen biological samples and paraffin-embedded tissue blocks representing the most common tumours.

About the Project

The Tumour Biobank contains more than 25 000 samples which include fragments of frozen tissue pertaining to 13 000 human tumours (collected up till 2010), among which are carcinomas, sarcomas, lymphomas, malignant tumours of the nervous system, mixed and germinal tumours, various types of metastatic tumours and benign tumours. Normal tissue from various organs is also stored here, as well as tissue microarrays and more than 100 000 paraffin-embedded tissue blocks.

Collaborating Bodies

  • Bank Network of Catalonia tumors (XBTC)
  • Director of Oncology Plan in Catalonia (ICO)

Principal researcher

IP: Dra. Míriam Cuatrecasas

Available samples

Tumour Biobank Carcinomas
Malignant tumours of the nervous system
Mixed and germinal tumours
Various types of metastatic tumours
Benign tumours
Normal tissue from various organs

Anatomical Pathology Collections

Paraffin-embedded biological samples representing a broad spectrum of neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases.

About the Project

The Anatomical Pathologies Collections contain paraffin-embedded human biological samples covering a broad spectrum of diseases ranging from gastrointestinal, urological, gynaecological and pulmonary tumours to inflammatory and infectious abnormal tissue masses. The collections contain 900 000 paraffin-embedded blocks from 250 000 patients.

Principal researcher

IP: Dr. Antonio Martínez

Available samples

Anatomical Pathologies Collections Broad spectrum of pathological and non-pathological human tissue

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