The August Pi i Sunyer Institute of Biomedical Research (IDIBAPS) is one of the leading research centres in Catalonia, Spain and southern Europe, and has the highest scientific output in Spain. Three scientific organizations, each with a long history, work together at IDIBAPS with the institutional support of the Catalan Autonomous Government Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Hospital Clínic of Barcelona
  • The University of Barcelona (UB)
  • The Barcelona Institute for Biomedical Research of the Scientific Research Council (IIBB-CSIC)

Because of its recognized status and unequivocal support of research, the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona is the ideal venue for the creation of a biobank. The hospital’s close links to a pioneering medical care and research institution place it in a privileged position for meeting the growing demand for proven high quality biological samples.

The Catalonian Network of Tumour Biobanks (XBTC) as a direct link to the biobank’s Tumour Biobank and Anatomical Pathologies Collections, with which it shares sample management of the specimens found in their catalogue. Tumour samples from the biobank are added to the eleven tumour repositories pertaining to the main hospitals in Catalonia that constitute the network.

The infrastructure of the Neurological Tissue Biobank is located at the School of Medicine at the University of Barcelona. The university has played a key role since 1989, when the first initiatives emerged to create a common repository of neurological samples, thus representing the final link between medical care and research and the academic world.

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