The Biobank of Hospital Clínic - IDIBAPS

The biobank is a platform which works to obtain, store, manage and distribute large collections of human biological samples of phenotypes and diseases of marked interest for researchers. This makes work possible for many researchers, who may additionally request technical advice on human sample collection projects.

The biobank’s history goes back to the end of 2008. Until then, the high and growing demand for biological samples for biomedical research was unable to be met by collections structured on highly divergent standards, which created a heterogeneous perspective lacking in common criteria.

In order to remedy this situation, the Hospital Clínic – IDIBAPS pooled their samples into a single, complete catalogue through the biobank. Sample standardization and centralization led to a qualitative leap forward in biomedical research.

The Biobank is a Bank of Repositories

Our biobank sample collection is made up of three extensive repositories:

While the individual characteristics and complexity inherent to each group of samples requires separate management, all three biobanks are run according to the same set of criteria established by a central coordinating group. This transversal organization and structure have become a benchmark both in Catalonia and throughout Spain.

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