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The availability of and access to standardized human biological samples are essential to the advance of biomedicine.

The Biobank of Hospital Clínic, Barcelona – IDIBAPS stores high-quality scientific samples, making them available to the scientific community for the study of numerous types of pathology.

The bank’s catalogue of samples is divided into three broad categories which are available for scientific purposes for the consolidation of personalized medicine.

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Neurological Tissue Biobank

Nervous tissue repository (brain and spinal cord) created from donations from cadavers with or without neurological conditions, helping to facilitate research into neurological illnesses in order to improve diagnoses and enhance patient assistance.

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Tumour Biobank and Anatomical Pathologies Collections

Repository of tumorous tissue and samples from cancer patients. This biobank also has an extensive collection of other disease-related tissue provided by the Department of Anatomical Pathology at the Hospital Clínic from excess samples used in their diagnoses. This material is essential to providing current large-scale tissue research projects with the samples they require.

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Blood and Fluid Biobank

This repository contains samples of metabolic, inflammatory bowel, hepatic, digestive and maternal and foetal diseases, among others. It houses a large range of samples of scientific interest, primarily DNA, serum and plasma, which are provided by doctors’ surgeries and laboratories where blood and fluid are taken for lab tests and blood and fluid donation.

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