Organization Chart


Juan Carlos García-Pagán

Scientific director

Aina Rodríguez


Advisory Board

  • Marta Aymerich

    On behalf of Biological Sample Collections at the Center for Biomedical Diagnostics at the Hospital Clínic

  • Pedro L. Fernández

    Consultant pathologist at the Pathology Department at Hospital Clínic. Founder of the Tumour Biobank

  • Josep Maria Miró

    Infectious Diseases Service, at the Hospital Clínic

  • Eduard Gratacós

    Head of the Maternal and Foetal Medicine Department at the Hospital Clínic

  • Anna Novials

    Director of the Laboratory for Diabetes and Obesity at the CIBER for Metabolic Diseases

  • Julià Panés

    Head of Gastroenterology and responsible for inflammatory bowel disease samples

  • Aleix Prat

    Head of Medical Oncology at the Hospital Clínic

  • Antonio Martínez

    Head of Pathological Anatomy Service at the Hospital Clínic

  • Francesc Graus

    Head of the Neurology Department at the Hospital Clínic and Head of the Neurological Tissue Biobank


  • To analyze researcher requirements and demands
  • To identify collections housed at the Hospital Clínic – IDIBAPS
  • To analyze the current status of collections
  • To decide which collections shall form part of the biobank
  • To contribute to decisions on biobank growth strategies
|alt comite cientific|

External Scientific Committee

Made up of experts in different medical and biomedical research fields

  • Aurora Astudillo

    Pathologist at the Central University Hospital of Asturias

  • Alberto Lleó

    Medical neurologist, at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i San Pau

  • Maria Rosario Luquin

    Neurologist at the University of Navarra Clinic

  • Alberto Rábano

    Pathologist at the Center of Neurological Disease Research (CIEN)

  • Enrique de Álava

    Pathologist at the Hospital Virgen del Rocio

  • Jose Antonio López-Guerrero

    Doctor in biology at the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center

  • Eugeni Domènech

    Gastroenterologist at the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital

  • Jose Luis Herrera

    Endogrinologist at the Jiménez Díaz foundation

  • María Esteve

    Medical digestive system at the Hopital Universitari Mutua de Terrassa

  • Maria Antonia Fortuño

    Doctor in biology at the Biobank University of Navarra

  • Susana Boluda

    Pathologist at the R. Escourolle Neuropathology Laboratory

  • Pascual Sánchez Juan

    Médical neurologist at the Marqués de Valdecilla Universitary Hospital

  • Miquel Vila

    Neuroscience doctor at the Vall d’Hebron Research Institut

  • Alberto García Redondo

    Doctor in biology at the Department of Neurology at the 12 de Octubre Hospital

  • Mar Iglesias Coma

    Pathologist at the Hospital del Mar

  • Gerard Muntané

    Neuroscience doctor at the Institut d’Investigació Sanitària Pere Virgili

  • Javier Hernández-Losa

    Doctor in biochemistry and molecular ioblogy at the Departament of Pathology at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital

  • Ricardo Rojas

    Neurologist in the Neuromuscular Diseases Unit of the Neurology Department at the Hospital de la Santa Creu Sant Pau

  • Francisco Pérez Vizcaino

    Doctor in pharmacy, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the Faculty of Medicine. Complutense University of Madrid

  • Lionel Muller

    Neuroscience doctor in the Laboratory of Neural Physiopathology in IFIBIO Houssay (CONICET-UBA). University of Buenos of Aires


  • To offer external scientific advice
  • To study scientific projects requesting samples
  • To assess the quality and progress of biobank activities
  • To evaluate the annual report and activities schedule
  • To provide guidance in determining fees
  • To ensure that resources and infrastructures are adequately stocked
|alt comite etic|

Research Ethics Committee

The Research Ethics Committee (REC) at the Hospital Clínic is made up of medical and legal experts and specialists in the fields of ethics and theology, who serve as the Ethics Committee for the biobank.

  • Joaquim Forés i Viñeta

    Medical traumatologist, HCB

  • Andrea Scalise

    Clinical pharmacologist, HCB

  • Ana Lucía Arellano Andrino

    Clinical pharmacologist, HCB

  • Sergio Amaro Delgado

    Medical neurologist, HCB

  • Maria Jesús Bertran Luengo

    Medical epidemiologist, HCB

  • Elena Calvo Cidoncha

    Hospital pharmacist, HCB

  • Cecilia Cuzco Cabellos

    Nurse, HCB

  • Julio Delgado González

    Medical hematologist, HCB

  • Begoña Gómez Pérez

    Hospital pharmacist, HCB

  • Eduard Guasch i Castany

    Medical cardiologist, HCB

  • Virginia Hernández Gea

    Medical hepatologist, HCB

  • Miriam Méndez García

    Attorney, HCB

  • José Tomás Ortiz Pérez

    Medical cardiologist, HCB

  • Marina Rovira Illamola

    Primary care pharmacist, CAP Eixample

  • Joaquin Sáez Peñataro

    Clinical pharmacologist, HCB

  • Itziar De Lecuona

    Jurist, Observatory of Bioethics and Law, UB

  • Montserrat González Creus

    Social worker, Service of Attention to the User, HCB

  • José Rios Guillermo

    Statistician, Medical Statistics Platform, IDIBAPS

  • Octavi Sánchez López

    Clinical assistant technician. Patients’ representative,


  • To assess the qualifications of the head researcher and the research team
  • To consider the methodological, ethical and legal aspects of the project
  • To consider the balance of risks and benefits
  • To ensure compliance with procedures that guarantee sample traceability
  • To create codes of best practice

Neurological Tissue Biobank


  • Raquel Sánchez-Valle

    Clinical coordinator

  • Iban Aldecoa


  • Laura Molina

    Neurologist Brains Donor Program

  • Ellen Gelpi

    Scientific advisor

  • Teresa Ximelis

    Higher technician

  • Sara Charif

    Laboratory technician

  • Verónica Santiago

    Laboratory technician

Collaborating Doctors:

Eduard Tolosa: Emeritus Professor of the University of Barcelona

Sergi Borrego, Mar Guasp, Iván Archilla, Gerard Maya and Sílvia Valldeneu.

Tumor Bank and Pathological Anatomy


  • Míriam Cuatrecasas

    Clinical coordinator

  • Èlia Alcañiz

    Technical coordinator

  • Laura Gelabert

    Laboratory technician

  • Mónica Marín

    Laboratory technician

  • Amanda Denuc

    Higher technician

  • Ángela Martín

    Informed consent manager

Biological Fluid Bank


  • Teresa Botta

    Technical coordinator


  • Regina Cañaveras

    Laboratory technician

  • Roser Mas

    Laboratory technician

  • Ada Soler

    Higher technician

Cofinanced by:

  • Ciberdem
  • Ciberehd
  • Red Biobancos
  • Xbtc - Xarxa de bancs de tumors de Catalunya