The objectives of the biobank are to promote, facilitate and develop biomedical research through human biological sample management in accordance with current legislation. The bank’s organizational structure makes it possible to standardize all human research sample collections created within the framework of the Hospital Clínic, Barcelona – IDIBAPS and organize them in a standard and characteristic manner.

Biobank Objectives

  • Obtain and maintain collections of samples for use by the scientific community.
  • Manage specific collections for use in research projects which will provide added value to the Biobank of Hospital Clínic – IDIBAPS.
  • Support and assist researchers working on human sample collection projects.

Multidisciplinary collaboration is becoming increasingly common among clinical, basic and applied scientists. This is why the Biobank of Hospital Clínic – IDIBAPS has made it possible for samples to be requested from the various collections, offering a complete service platform to those researchers who have requested it. Their mission goes beyond the mere institutional context as they use their support and experience to encourage a new way of organizing research through better characterized and more accessible samples.

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